ATM Placement and Service

Royal Flush Amusements offers placement and service of ATMs throughout the mid-Atlantic area.  We currently provide and operate ATMs in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and the panhandle of West Virginia.

An ATM placed at your location will provide a convenience for your customers, which will result in increased sales to your business.

Benefits of an ATM include:

  • Increased sales.  Studies show that an ATM placement at your location can increase your sales up to 8%.  And ATM customers spend an average of 20% to 25% more than non-ATM customers.
  • Cash Retention.   In most businesses, 25% of the cash withdrawn from an ATM is spent on the premises.  In bars, restaurants and nightclubs, this figure can be as high as 75% of the cash withdrawn.
  • Decreased risk.  There are no chargebacks or credit risks with an ATM.  There is also less risk of robbery and employee theft.
  • Increased customers.  Your customers will no longer need to stop at another establishment to get cash.  Customers will stop at your place of business instead, because you can accommodate their cash needs.

Any type of business can benefit from the placement of an ATM.  If your business is cash-based, having an ATM machine at your location may benefit you even more.  We operate ATMs in bars, clubs, restaurants, and movie theaters.  We also will provide an ATM for a short-term event, such as a fair, festival, or charity event.

Royal Flush Amusements provides complete ATM services.


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