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Consulting Services

Royal Flush Amusements offers consulting services to the family entertainment business.  We have vast experience in building businesses that cater to families.  We have been in this industry for 40 years, and know all facets of the business. 

Bill Rush, President of Royal Flush, has helped plan, develop and operate numerous family entertainment projects.  These include:

  • An $8 million indoor/outdoor facility with mini golf, water features, go-kart tracks and 12 party rooms.  He was the managing partner on the facility, working on it from the ground up.  He started with the site plan and architecture, and worked on its design and operation, eventually becoming the on-site managing partner after the center opened. 
  • An indoor 10,000 square-foot family entertainment center which hosted popular birthday parties.  This facility had a large soft-play maze, helicopter ride, child grocery store and numerous redemption and arcade games.  Again, he helped design and build this facility from the ground up.
  • A high-grossing movie theatre game room on one of the world’s largest naval bases.  Royal Flush Amusements was the operator of all games in this facility, which was a test market for new games from the local distributor.
  • Numerous small store-front arcades through Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia.